Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve and I’ve been playing around with the website design.
I lost my old theme playing with WordPress settings and it no longer seems to be available.

I am not entirely happy with the layout (particularly for viewing all blog posts) but I’ll improve it in time. I’ve always said I’d commit more time to this blog and I never seem to manage amongst all my other commitments. I guess it takes more discipline than I have. I hope to contribute more posts in 2023!

Not much else to report from me other than I found the Turkish Radio and Television streaming app, TRT Izle, that streams content entirely free all over the world! The Australian version called iView is restricted to streaming in Australia and is mostly foreign made content or content that is inexpensive to produce. e.g game shows, celebrity style talk shows. Anyway, I managed to record a song I recognised on TRT Muzik on my phone and send it to some family.

I’ve been meaning to write about the recent changes to Australia’s Industrial laws dubbed “Secure Jobs, Better Pay”
It makes a series of technical changes to bargaining laws but mostly undermines the ability of low paid workers to seek pay increases even further than already existed.

The ALP didn’t change our strike laws, which are against ILO standards nor have they changed their wages policy for the public service. The various state and territory governments have kept wages stagnant through their use of fiscal austerity and refusal to lift public sector wages. It is ironic that some see very technical changes as a means to lifting wages. It won’t happen!

More than that in the new year!

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